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Brows £350

ombre brows
Eyebrows are extremely important – they frame your face, add expression and enhance your beauty.
Ombré / Powder method
It’s a method for those who strive towards a defined look. Powder fill brows may also be a better option for more mature or oily skin patients, as the hair stroke method tends to fade faster.
Once the healing process is completed, you no longer need to worry about losing or smudging your eyebrows. You can swim, play sports, or lay in the sun without worry. You will reduce the time of your morning makeup routine, as you will wake up looking  beautiful.

 Shaded Eyeliner £350

shaded eyeliner

Lips £380


Lip pigmentation is an excellent way of enhancing your natural colour by correcting asymmetrical lip lines and uneven tones. This treatment will make you look fresh, natural and youthful. Lip permanent makeup will make your lips look fuller with a lustrous appearance.


areola 3d

Areola micropigmentation after a mastectomy procedure helps women to regain their self confidence. Areola pigmentation requires the care of a health practitioner and permanent makeup artist together to create s safe and beautiful effect. For all mastectomy patients this service is free of charge!

Laser tattoo removal ( Prices on request )

tattoo removal

Laser permanent makeup removal ( from £45 per treatment)

removal of old permanent makeup

Hollywood Laser Peel (£100 per treatment or £400 for a course of 5 treatments)

Hollywood laser peel
Hollywood Laser Peel is a no-downtime procedure that helps rejuvenate the appearance of aging, damaged skin. This gentle procedure is safe on most skin types and is a great way to get a quick skin refresher without the longer downtime associated with other laser procedures. It evens skin tone, reducing appearance of pigment, fine lines and acne scars, your skin will fill and look younger. The treatment can be performed alone, but works best when you have several treatments over a period of time.
  • Glowing youthful looking skin
  • Improves skin tone
  • Heals acne and evens sebum
  • Smoother feeling skin
  • Lightens skin discoloration and acne scarring
  • Reduce in appearance of fine lines and acne scars

Retinol Peel ME Line ( £200 per treatment including your home care set, 3 products )

me line
ME LINE is an innovative professional peel (and mask) with specially chosen chemical agents which work together to control pigmentation, decrease melanin production, improve sun damage, and even out the tone and colour of the skin. It also stimulates the growth of new skin cells to rejuvenate your complexion. ME LINE has achieved excellent results in 95% of cases of facial and body hyperpigmentation, and is suitable for Caucasian and Ethnic skin types.

Melasma is the most common hyperpigmentation disorder and it affects millions of people around the glove. It is normally characterized by hyperchromic stains symmetrically localized at the centre of the face, on cheeks or at the lower region of the face.

Many factors are involved in the apparition of melasma being sun exposure the most important of them. It is corroborated that there is some genetic susceptibility to suffer it. Moreover, specialists believe that hormone changes are also involved in their apparition: pregnancy, use of contraceptives, alterations in thyroid function, the use of some medications and or certain cosmetics.

Survives conduced in different populations revealed that even a small affection of melasma in the facial area can lead to significant emotional and psychological affliction, that is why treating it appropriately is so important.

MeLine range of products developed in Innoaesthetics Laboratories, thanks to the join efforts of our R&D department and our medical department, offers an innovative therapeutic activity. Deep knowledge regarding the development and evolution of the melasma and how it affects to the different skin phototypes and to a specific area has allow our specialist to design products that treat these specific skin pigmentation problems in a safe and effective way.

Many scientific investigations have led us to find the ideal formula: a combination of active ingredients that acts on pre-synthesis of melanin, as well as on the direct activity (synthesis) and post-synthesis of tyrosinase controlling then the different stages that are involved in the deposit of melanin on the tissues and the constitution of a pigmented stain.

MeLine Caucasian Skin products are essentially addressed to the treatment of melasma in skin phototypes I – IV. The synergy of its actives allows: the inhibition of hormonal activity on the melanocyte, controlling the activity of free radicals, improving the condition of the epidermal tissue, chelation of the minerals that activate enzymatic activity, blocking tyrosinase activity, promoting epidermal renewal to remove the content of pigment in the cell.

The treatment protocol includes two homecare products that work in synergy and complement the professional treatment applied by the specialist. These two products will help to control the activity of melanin and the production of tyrosinase enzyme. They are essential to complete the treatment as they enhance its efficacy and prolong its effects.

Rose de Mer Coral Facial Peel (£ 110 or £290 for 3 treatments )

rose de mer
Reveal a Better You
Rose de Mer is a 100% natural professional peel designed to leave skin looking young and healthy. Featuring a combination of marine plants, minerals and salts, Rose de Mer peels and resurfaces skin with minimal skin trauma. The Rose de Mer peeling solution brings visible improvement to a variety of skin conditions, and can be used on clients of any age or skin colour.
  • Creates a natural face lift appearance
  • Diminishes wrinkles, fine lines and stretch marks
  • Improves skin texture and elasticity
  • Heals acne and evens sebum
  • Improves skin circulation and oxygen supply
  • Lightens skin discoloration and acne scarring
  • Eliminates surface residues including dead or damaged skin cells
  • Brings skin to its optimal state for enhanced active ingredient penetration

Mesotherapy from £150 per treatment

Needle Mesotherapy is an effective treatment, which leads to the total biorevitalization of the skin. It is a method of medical treatment, safe and very effective. The treatment involves injecting into the skin a cocktail of vitamins and active substances.
Usually, it is recommended that at least 4 treatments every 3 weeks
Needle Mesotherapy is an excellent treatment for people who are not satisfied with the use of creams, masks. It’s for all who want to improve the skin as quickly as possible. The treatment is also recommend those rather avoid invasive medical procedures  and prefer something safer, which does not cause complications and does not require a long downtime.
Mesotherapy perfectly removes signs of aging of the skin, boosts hydration of the epidermis, nourishes, improves facial contours, fill lines and wrinkles and rejuvenations the skin. In addition, needle mesotherapy performed on the body helps to: eliminate cellulite, remove excess fat in certain places, shape the body, to stimulate hair growth.

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