PowderBrows Academy Trainer – Alicja Janczi

👑Basic Training

Our training courses hold the highest guidelines for the safety and practice of permanent cosmetics, and is recognised nationally and internationally for its training curriculum and hands-on practice.

From colour theory, instrument utilisation, and business planning, we ensure each student will leave our Fundamental Training ready to begin their career.

In your 3 day Basic course you will learn about:

✔ Colourimetry & Pigmentology

✔ Skin structure

✔ Fitzpatrick Scale

✔ Practice on artificial skin & live model

✔ Practice of the hand pressure

✔ Drawing, Measurement & Perfect Shape in 15 minutes

✔ Ombre Brows Technique

✔ Customer service

✔ How to cover old PMU

✔ Types of needles

✔ Health and safety

✔ Marketing

✔ Clients consultation and paperwork

Upon completion of the training you will receive:

🔵 Fully accredited certificate

🔵 Training manual

🔵 Live presentation

❗Bonus ❗

🔸️3 months of support after the course (student/teacher private WhatsApp group)

🔸️I will attend your first appointment with your client if you wish (students cover the cost of teachers transport). As an alternative you are welcome to return to our studio and work alongside the trainer as a support day.

🔸Assistance with licence application and getting your work space ready for EHO inspection

🔸 First Aid training (extra charge)

🔸 Professional photoshoot (extra charge)

🔹️ All materials and equipment will be provided by the training centre during training course. We do offer a PMU LittleBlack PowderBrows Academy Device but you are more than welcome to bring your own equipment if you already have a PMU device. The cost of our device is €2091.00.

Our basic PMU course costs £1500.00.

If you wish to book any of your training courses then a deposit of £500.00 must be paid to secure your place on the course.

On the day of training you must pay the remaining amount – £1000.00

(*Please note that we do offer a Payment Plan to support with costings. This includes 3 payments of £500.00. The full amount of £1500.00 must be paid on the first day of training)

Pre-Course Manual:

A manual will be sent once the course is booked and deposit paid. Many students have a beauty or medical background but this is not required as we will teach you all the skills you need to start this rewarding career. We do not want to go through information you can understand and read yourself in this manual and waste valuable time on your course so this is home study material to learn and refresh your knowledge before you start your practical course.

The 3 Day Intensive Training course is in small groups of 2 students or 1:1. We do not believe your first course should ever be taught in a large group situation. Two out of the three days will be live models from 9.00am to 6pm each day (models provided by us).

Our Aesthetic Permanent Makeup Course will give you the basic skills of creating perfect eyebrows. Thereafter you can take further semi-permanent makeup training courses and masterclasses to add to your skills and earning capacity. Equipment you purchase for this course can be used for all additional procedures with the exception of microblading which does not require a device.

👑Permanent makeup Masterclass

We provide Masterclasses in the following:

➡️Shaded eyeliner

➡️Watercolour lips or lipstick effect lips

➡️ Advanced brows pigmentation

The students must have previous PMU experience, insurance and have their own machines for some of the Advanced Skills Classes. The classes are held regularly in our Studio and are usually 1:1 or 2:1 making sure our students receive maximum attention from the trainer.

Price of each Masterclass is £750.00 and is a one day training course from 9am till 6pm (£200.00 deposit).

👑 Our Device

PowderBrows System – LittleBlack Permanent Makeup device is made in Germany.

Designed to satisfy users which will use this type devices for the first time through simple operation and durable construction as well as Intermediate users thanks to high precision and 4 speeds functionality. Operating speed of the device is adjustable in 4 buttons, in the range 100 – 130.

Small size and lightweight makes this device very easy to transport and make it very portability. A high-quality housing made of aluminium and polycarbonate makes this device beautiful in appearance but also a durable build.

The touch panel makes the LittleBlack machine very easy to use a wide range of available handpieces making the device suitable for all types of permanent make-up (eyebrows, lips, eyeliner) also scalp, areola micropigmentation.

LittleBlack Device have one output that you can connect one of following handpieces:

Type T – Needles

Type S (Acupuncture) Needles


Price includes :

Control Device,

One handpiece – that you select

Foot pad ON/Off,

Power supply,

Technical Data:

Device type: Light Black

Power supply: M-MW708GS

Main connection voltage: 100-230V AC/12V DC

Dimension: (LxBxH) (in mm) 168 x 116 x 20

Weight: ca. 600g

Weight hend piece: ca. 100g

Body and handpiece material: Aluminium

Operating speed: 100 – 130

Needle type: T, S or Cartridge

Drive of the hand piece: Precision DC engine

CE – Sign: The device fullfit the Demand on EMV-Richtlinie 89/336 and the Niederspannungsrichtline 73/23/EWG PRECISION DC ENGINE

Choose the best permanent makeup course to get the top training this is an investment in your career.

We hope to see you at one of my courses.